No One Told This Poor Marshal About The Cars Coming Toward Him On Track

One solitary marshal at the Singapore Grand Prix didn’t get the memo that it was time to stop picking up debris on track after a short safety car period for Nico Hülkenberg’s crash.

He was still working out on the track, and was forced to bolt for it when he saw oncoming traffic coming at full race speed.


Singapore seems to have an issue with people (and lizards) on the track, man.

UPDATE: An FIA official told Autosport that the proper procedure for ending a safety car period had not been followed:

The FIA’s procedure requires race control to call ‘track clear’ three times before restarting the race, having been given assurances by the clerk of the course that any debris or marshals were clear.

But it has emerged the marshal was instructed by a circuit official to head out onto the track after that final call was made and when the cars were approaching.

The FIA also promised that they’d do everything within their power to ensure incidents like this are less likely to happen in the future.

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