Gif: Hometowngypsy (YouTube)

October is a spooky month, and while some neighborhoods are busy being traumatized by Freddy and Jason and teen vandals, this neighborhood knows no fear like the drainage ditch in this person’s yard.


There is no horror that can quite match the raw chaotic energy of giant gaping hole large enough to swallow most of a car just sitting in an otherwise unassuming suburb. Check it out:

There’s no detail in the video description posted by Hometowngypsy on YouTube, just a few clips thrown together of people driving straight into a hole.


A comment from SeattleBikeCammer had a good thought: what the hell are all these people thinking just casually driving onto this person’s little patch of “grass?” This is all the yard this person has and they give no caution to just lurching their trucks and vans into while there are plenty of driveways to turn around in. They almost deserve to hear the bone-shaking scrape of their car bottoming out. And that last guy! He didn’t even try!

I wonder how many children this thing has eaten.

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