No One Has Ever Held On So Tightly To A Chevy HHR

While the video was posted to social media, no one called the police


A gold Chevy HHR is already a rare car to see, but with a whole person clinging to the hood as it speeds down the interstate? That’s definitely a sight worth writing home about, but maybe not before calling for help. This incident happened in Charlotte, North Carolina on I-77 and apparently not a single person called 9-1-1 for this poor soul.

Witnesses told WSPA News that the incident started with a fight at a Circle K convenience store when a man refused to move for a car. It’s unclear what happened next, but the result was caught on video by another unnamed person:

“I see a cluster of cars, I tried to go around them but there were a lot of cars, after I got next to them, I seen a guy on the hood of a car,” added the person who recorded the video.

The witness who recorded the video didn’t want to give his name, didn’t call 9-1-1, but he did post it on his Instagram profile.

“I was on my way to work, and I figured someone else would have because there was a lot of people.”

Those watching the video had a different reaction. “That’s wild. He’s on the front of the car going how fast,” asked Larone Rhone from Charlotte.


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department told WSPA that no one called 9-1-1 to report a man on the hood of a car. Who knows how long this poor person was holding on to the hood of an HHR for their very lives.

This is a good reminder to resist what is called the “bystander effect” by social psychologists, where you assume someone else will come to the aid of someone in need. Never assume someone else will step up, because in places with a lot of witnesses, like a busy interstate, for instance, everyone is waiting for everyone else to act or also too busy posting the event to their own Instagrams.


Touch Connors

Based on the article, is sounds like the pedestrian was being an asshole. Pedestrians have rights and the right of way, but when they do things like stand in front of your car and refuse to move, fuck’em. Hope you enjoy the ride*.