No One Can Leave A Big Pile Of Leaves Alone—Not Even Mercedes Drivers

Fall is finally here, and provided you don’t choke on whatever pumpkin spice abomination you’ve just crammed down your pie-hole, it’s arguably one of the best seasons of the year. Not only is it finally pleasant outside, but trees everywhere drop their leaves. No one can resist playing in the leaves. No one.

Here’s a classic Maple Yellow Mercedes-Benz taking its revenge on what the maples drop on the roads. This film comes complete with dramatic music befitting of the kleptocrats who often favored big Mercs as they ruled their nations with an iron fist.


Fortunately, this Mercedes doesn’t come with an AK-toting dictator, but rather, one very good doggo who’s enjoying every second of the car’s blast through the leaves.

Camilo Pineda, who uploaded the video, assured us on YouTube that “Louie the stunt driver got several biscuits.” Good boy.

Let’s be honest, though: resisting the urge to jump right into the pile of leaves you just raked is near-impossible. Even—nay, especially if you’re driving.

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