No, Elon Musk And Grimes Didn't Name Their Baby "Influenza"

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I think so many of us being shut in for so long is starting to give everyone the sort of Space Madness you get from being trapped indoors on Earth, which is why things like “Influenza Musk” have been trending on Twitter. I first thought “influenza musk” referred to the unshowered stench of millions of quarantined people, but it’s actually far weirder. It’s referring to Tesla Boss Elon Musk and singer Grimes’ as-yet-unborn child’s name, which was rumored to be “Influenza.” It’s not.


The rumor was slathered around the internets via tweets like this:


...and then it was all over the place and people were changing their Twitter names to Influenza Musk and on and on, forever.

Well, it’s not true. It seems to have started from this mock/fake news generator site, and spread from there.

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Sure, it’s fun to imagine that the Grimes-Musk alliance would produce a human named Influenza Mae Musk in the middle of a pandemic, but this is one bit of lunacy we can’t saddle the Tesla chief with.


That’s fine. He has plenty of other stuff that works just as well, or better, and I’m not even thinking of whatever the hell he was doing with that song about that gorilla that died four years ago.

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I don’t know, Musk having a kid - for me this is like you found out Sheev Palpatine had sex. You’re like, when? With whom? Why? Where? Wait, what?