Okay Chevrolet, I get that you want to push this "new premium" bit, but grabbing some random people and asking them how nice your interior is isn't going to cut it. I'll give you that Chevy has come along way, and the inside is certainly not a bad place to be. But this...just no.

I understand that Chevrolet needs to change the customer perception of its car. However, this lame word association "pop quiz" isn't helping. "Most awarded automaker" is just as meaningless to car buyers as "fastest growing." The only people who really care about "automotive awards" are the publications who give away automotive awards. Also, Cadillac has a hard enough time competing in the luxury market, so maybe just let Caddy do their thing.

Oh...and getting 4G in the car is not "the dream!"

Remember this commercial?

This was good. All you have to do is make a cool car that people want. You can do this; trucks are cool, the Camaro and Corvette are both very cool. The SS is...okay maybe that isn't the best example, but it was a good effort. You get the idea; stop trying to out-beige Honda and Toyota.


The bow-tie doesn't work on beige.

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