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Nissan's Smartwatch Uses Biometric Data To Make You A Better Racer

Illustration for article titled Nissans Smartwatch Uses Biometric Data To Make You A Better Racer

The very best cars are the ones that make you feel like you and the machine are a singular entity. Nissan's new concept smartwatch aims to help with that by sending an array of data from your car directly to your wrist. It also monitors your own body's performance.


Smartwatches — wrist-mounted devices full of high-tech apps — might just be the next big thing. They're certainly the next big-overhyped thing, at the very least.


And The Nismo Concept Watch, set to bow at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has a variety of functions adaped from technology used to monitor the performance of Nismo racing drivers who compete in the the FIA GT and Blancpain Endurance Series.

Strap the Nismo Concept Watch onto your wrist and it sends you information about your car's average speed and fuel economy, your performance data while on the track, your biometric data so fatigue can be identified early on, and potential road hazards or mechanical issues with the vehicle.

Bottom line: The smartwatch has the potential to make you a better and healthier driver who is more attuned to the performance and needs of your vehicle. It also looks futuristic in a good way.

And if you're one of those people who likes to broadcast your entire life on social media, the smartwatch will also track and rate your performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest.


I think it's a interesting technology, and the design is certainly attractive. No word yet on production plans, however.

Would you give this car-tech smartwatch a try? It could make for an interesting driving experience.

Illustration for article titled Nissans Smartwatch Uses Biometric Data To Make You A Better Racer

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Ratchet when he's all hopped up on synthetic energon

Maybe I'm just at that age, but I don't "get it". Why would I want this data sent to my wrist, where I have to look even further away that my gauge cluster to see it? Why not push this information to a HUD?

Maybe the biometric stuff would be cool, but again I don't want this displayed on my wrist while I'm driving, I want to keep my eyes on the road.

And forgive my paranoia, but I see this used much more for making driving less fun than to make you a better racer. "WARNING: heart rate elevated, please decrease speed until bpm returns to normal levels"