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Nissan bowed out of January's Detroit Auto Show due to deteriorating economic conditions, but it won't stop the automaker from unveiling the Nissan NV2500 Commercial Vehicle Concept in a video webcast December 4th.


What this tells us is the decision to drop out of both the Detroit Auto Show and the Chicago Auto Show, (disregarding the decision to work with dealers in Chicago to show up and then to have Detroit dealers pay for the floorspace at Detroit), is really all about the deteriorating economic conditions because It's certainly cheaper to reveal a vehicle in a webcast than it is to unveil it at an auto show.. So those of you out there who think it was a slight against Detroit, Chicago or the Midwest, you're wrong. It's a slight against all of North America.


But whatever the reasoning, when the NV2500 concept makes its debut on December 4 during the live video webcast, it will give us a glimpse of the company's first production commercial vehicle for the United States. The chassis-van-truck-thing is expected to hit the market in 2010. [via Nissan]

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