Nissan Says It Has 'Updated' The 2021 Rogue After A Two-Star Passenger Frontal Crash Test Score

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Photo: NHTSA

The 2021 Nissan Rogue gets a five-star crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for crashes from the side, a four-star rating for rollovers, and an overall three-star rating for frontal crashes. But it only gets a two-star rating for front passenger side, though Nissan said it has an update and the Rogue’s due for a new test.

Here’s the statement Nissan gave Motor1:

“Nissan applied an update to the front passenger restraint system on all 2021 Rogue vehicles assembled at Nissan’s Smyrna, Tennessee, plant, and all vehicles produced after January 28 at the Kyushu plant,” the company said in an emailed statement. “Therefore, the two-star front-passenger safety rating only applies to the vehicles produced at the Kyushu plant prior to January 28.”

“The front-passenger safety systems in the vehicles that received the update have yet to be tested by NHTSA,” the statement added. “An additional test of the 2021 Rogue is scheduled with results expected in May.”

As for retrofitting the Kyushu-built Rogues, Nissan spokesman Dan Passe said the company is “evaluating options.”


Around 50,000 Rogues are said to be affected, and this is only a little bit odd in that Nissan seems to have been caught a bit flat-footed here, given the quick fix and then the quick turnaround retest. We’ll see later this year how the fix performs on the new test, and I would assume that it will do just fine — the 2020 Nissan Rogue got four stars in the same test.

In the meantime, this is a good reminder that #makingcarsishard and even legacy automakers mess it up all the time, with all of their decades of experience, since this is the kind of the thing you would think Nissan would’ve discovered in its own tests well before it got to NHTSA. Alas.