Nissan GT-R NISMO LMP1 Rumored To Have 2000 (Two Thousand) Horsepower

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Toyota shocked the racing world when they announced their 2014 TS040 Le Mans made 1000 horsepower, a couple hundred up on its rivals. Well, the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO might make that not sound so impressive anymore.


Mike Fuller of Mulsanne's Corner, who has been expertly following all of the rumors surrounding the Nissan LMP1 car, has a few lines about that car's power figure that are worth repeating.

A few weeks back Fuller had this to say about Nissan's hybrid drivetrain.

Power is reportedly "around" 600 for the engine, with total system horsepower supposedly north of 1000. How far north? I've heard a number, but it belies belief and so far I've been unable to qualify it.

Fuller expanded on the car a few days ago right here, with this new line on the setup.

I've finally been able to confirm that total system horsepower figure. Ready for this? I've been told, from reliable sources, that the Nissan GT-R LM's total system horsepower is a conservative 2000. Yes, that's what you read.


This, it should be said, does not tell the whole story, as he explains.

However, while these numbers certainly grab your attention, they really are relative to the storage capacity and the harvesting and release strategy, of which we know nothing about at the moment. I can't even assume which Release Energy class Nissan are running in. So while this number is quite fantastic, ultimately it's a little meaningless without context.


Read more of Mike Fuller's roundups on the car right here and right here for more information on how the front-engined concept could work. It's great reading. And watch this space for more developments on what looks to be the most interesting race car since the Deltawing.

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cant wait to see how off all of these terrible rumors are.