Nissan Kicks Is The Next Nutty Looking Little Crossover

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Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has announced that his company will turn the Kicks concept they trotted out at the 2014 São Paulo Motor Show into an actual car. Looks right between a Juke and a Murano with a little dash of “lifted Maxima.”

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So far not much has been confirmed besides the fact that Nissan’s spending $192 million to prep the Resende Industrial Complex in Rio de Janiero where about 600 new employees will be brought on to build the Kicks.


Kicks will start out as a Latin American market crossover and then be expanded to other markets depending on its success south of our border, Nissan established in a press release.

Based on photos of the Kicks concept from its launch in 2014 it seems like the Kicks will be a on the small side but not quite as compact as the popular Juke. You’ll know that’s a good thing if you’ve ever had to sit in the back seat of a Juke, which is dialed in perfectly for one bag of groceries or a Pomeranian but probably not both.

Will it be fast? Maybe if they make a Kicks-R for an auto show. Off-roadable? I’m sure it will make it through mom’s mulch bed no sweat. But fuel efficiency and easy parking should be the priorities here. Just pair to my phone and beep when I’m about to hit somebody, damnit!

I actually think the Kicks concept looks kind of sweet. The (most likely) low-power engine hooked up to (probably) Continuously Variable Transmission might not make for the most exhilarating driving experience but there’s room in the world for interesting-looking cars with good fuel economy.


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Hi car people! I’m a jezebel person, and I’ve been popping in to read the buying guides for basically every small SUV and crossover. I’d some some kind and helpful opinions, if you have them.

I’m in a giant old Ford Explorer right now. I like sitting way up in the air but I feel bad about my approximately 1.5 mpg, and my fella would like me in a car that’s lower to the ground and feels a little safer and is all around smaller. I definitely like the idea of something a little smaller, because I do find my big ass car a bit unwieldy in the city. I’ve been researching, and have driven so many small SUVs and crossovers, from the Chevy Trax (feels like a toy car!) to the BMW X1 (feels too much like a wagon!)

Right now I have three very different favorites. I like the Buick Encore - I think its super cute, I like its dimensions, and I like the gas mileage and all the safety features. Even as nice as it gets I wish the finishes on the inside felt a little nicer. I think it’s center console is bonkers and old fashioned looking. I like the Hyundai Tucson. I think it has all the good stuff of the Encore in a slightly bigger package, but with a very cool sun roof. But a bunch of people close to me seem to think a Hyundai won’t be reliable or hold it’s value. They seem to think they aren’t great cars. And finally, I really like the Audi Q3. It’s little more expensive than the other two, and for that money I get a more luxe feeling interior and slightly worse mpg.

Anyway, if any of you have fun or helpful thoughts, I’d be so appreciative of them. Thank you!