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Nissan Is Manufacturing R32 Skyline Parts Again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You Skyline’d your Skyline GT-R too hard and smashed into the back of an unoccupied Italian food truck. It happens to everyone but now you need to replace some parts on your precious Mecha-Godzilla. I guess it’s off to eBay to find some parts for your car.

If this is you, you’re in luck because Nissan has announced that they are starting to manufacture R32 Skyline parts again. According to Top Gear, Nissan is starting a new program called Nissan Heritage where they will be offering entirely new parts for older models.


Nissan is doing this to let people avoid all the legally dubious methods of acquiring parts for Skylines. That means you can drop your reciprocating saw and cancel your trip to your local dock where they illegally import Japanese sports cars.

This is not a new thing for car manufacturers. Earlier this year, Mazda announced that they would be officially restoring first-generation Miatas. I think that this is a very very good thing for car manufacturers to do. It’s always a pain finding quality parts when fixing up a rare or special car and having OEM parts is almost always better than generic or aftermarket parts.


Nissan will debut the newly manufactured parts during the NISMO Festival this weekend.

I wonder if Chrysler will start a K-Car restoration program for my LeBaron? I doubt it but I can still dream.