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A JDM-load of new information on Nissan's new Porsche 911 challenger, the GT-R, is pouring onto the fanboards today. As of tomorrow, preorders of the Japan-market GT-R will commence in Nihon, and Nissan's already launched its global GT-R site. As we once reported, the GT-R will come in three tiers, Base, Black Edition, Platinum Edition, with a 3.8-liter V6 providing the base engine for the lot. Though we still don't have confirmation on the twin-turbo top-ranger, we do know — via the North American GT-R Owner's club — that it'll come in six colors, but only one transmission option. Click through to find out what it is.



Wednesday, 9/26 at 10:30 Japan time is when preorder will officially start. The official preorder brochures will be available to customers on 9/26, at which time the front fascia will be unveiled.

There are three trim levels:
Black Edition
Platinum Edition

There are 6 exterior colors:
Super Black
Vibrant Red
Pearl White (30k yen option)
Titanium Grey
Dark Metal Grey (according to a magazine, they will only produce 40 cars a month with this color)
Ultimate Metal Silver (300k yen option)

There are 2 interior colors:
Black edition only gets black
Base and Platinum can choose black or grey

Wheels and Tires:
Base GT-R comes with unnamed alloys and Dunlop Sport tires
Black and Platinum editions come with Rays wheels and Bridgestone RE070s (run flat).

The chassis code is R35
Platinum edition comes with a Thatcham class immobiliser and alarm
Platinum edition comes with a Bose sound system
Platinum edition has seat heater
Side airbag system is optional on all 3 trims

Engine and Drivetrain:
The engine designation is VR38 (3.8 Liter )
The engine performance of the 3 trims is the same
There is no Manual transmission option

Base - 7,770,000yen (tax included)
Black edition - 7,927,500yen (tax included)
Platinum edition - 8,347,500yen (tax included)

Titanium muffler (10 kg lighter)
Anti-theft immobilizer 250,000 yen

There will be 160 high performance centers throughout Japan specialized in servicing the GT-R with GT-R specific mechanics (written in the preorder material).

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