Nissan GT-R Stacked Up To (And Over) The NSX

Illustration for article titled Nissan GT-R Stacked Up To (And Over) The NSX

Remember when we started referring to the Nissan GT-R as Godzilla? You probably thought it was just us making a clever commentary on the prospects of the new Nissan as a sales leader (though not everyone agrees that'll happen). Nope. We were talking about how freaking ginormous the thing is. Thanks to the folks over at i-club, we now can represent this idea visually.


See that car next to it? That's a Honda/Acura NSX, the most recent Japanese supercar to grace the US from sea to shining sea. And while the NSX was of the extra light and nimble European mid-engined supercar variety, the new GT-R is decidedly more American (lots of power, engine in the front, gigantic proportions). [i-club via MotiveMag]


Jeff Glucker

@XDoctor: @B: After dealer markups, you wont be able to get this off the lot for less than 120k-130k...

Also, the NSX is a very small car...It barely comes up to my taint.

People ripping on this car for its size seem ridiculous to me... The car outlapped a GT2 and a ZR1 at Willow Springs... shazaam nay sayers