Nissan GT-R SpecV: Super-Godzilla Caught On Tape

Pictures may have been enough for some, but we wanted to see the Nissan GT-R SpecV in action. Then this little gem landed in our lap along with details of the new Super-Godzilla.

We actually have no idea what is being said in this video, but we can assume Nissan is calling out Porsche and anyone else who wants to step up and play with its new toy. We think it's due time for another 'Ring showdown.

We also wanted more details and a couple of quick phone calls over to Nissan of North America got us the following:

- The SpecV's got the same 478 horses as the stock GT-R, but you'll be able to boost mid-range torque up to a whopping 449 lb-ft via an electronic overboost control switch on the steering wheel.
- The SpecV's "overboost" will enable up to 1 minute, 20 seconds of added torque before shutting off.
- Weight savings of 44 lb. from new ceramic Brembo brakes added to other weight savings like carbon fiber everything, giving the new super-Godzilla a weight savings of 132 lb than the base GT-R.
- New carbon fiber rear wing to up the car's downforce.


[via YouTube]

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