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The GT-R SpecV? That's so January. Now Nissan's GT-R test team's shown up at the 'Ring with a lightly camouflaged prototype appearing to be the upcoming GT-R SpecM. Oh yeah, that just happened. Did we blow your mind? Gallery below.


Here's the full report from the sneaky spy photographers at KGP:

"Nissan's GT-R test team has shown up at the 'Ring with a lightly camouflaged prototype that appears to be the upcoming SpecM edition. The SpecM has been dubbed as the most gentlemanly version of the GT-R, with a more compliant suspension set-up and more sumptuous interior tailoring. Early reports tell us that SpecM GT-Rs can be highly personalized with specially-hued leathers and paint options. The graphic camo on the front and rear bumpers appears to hide some subtle visual revisions to the standard GT-R.

The GT-R SpecM is pegged for a debut at this Fall's Tokyo Motor Show."

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