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Nissan Gives Us A Reason To Watch The Super Bowl Besides Nachos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you don't care about the commercials, are meh about the idea of professional football and think the halftime show has jumped the shark, the Super Bowl is really just an excuse to eat nachos. But wait! You have a reason to pay attention to the TV this year: Nissan may debut its Le Mans entry during the big game.


Nissan has already started testing its LMP1 24 Hours of Le Mans entry at the Nissan Technical Center in Arizona, and a this image tweeted by the company suggests that they may reveal it during their Super Bowl ad time.


Nissan announced its purchase of a 60-second ad to run during the world's most expensive chunk of TV in a press release this week. The Super Bowl still managed to get 111.5 million people to tune in last year despite the fact that non-ball-sports people can find all the ads online nowadays.

No one knows who the drivers will be or any technical specifications of the car yet, as Nissan has been very careful not to leak an information about the LMP1 program yet. Their press release mentions "Big Moments" as the theme for their upcoming campaign. Finally revealing that Le Mans entry would be a big moment for sure, and certainly worth catching in real-time.

Photo credit: Shutterstock