Nissan Europe's secret Godzilla-powered "Super" Juke

Illustration for article titled Nissan Europe's secret Godzilla-powered "Super" Juke

Nissan Europe's working on a top secret project to give their itty-bitty Juke SUV a Godzilla-sized boost. Internally, they've dubbed it the "Super" Juke and not only do we have exclusive first details, but also this exclusive sketch of the super-crossover.


Just a few days after we dubbed the Nissan Juke one of the world's most polarizing cars, we're exclusively revealing Nissan Europe's attempt to do something even more polarizing (polarizingly awesome!) — taking the pedestrian Juke crossover and boosting power to more Godzilla-sized heights.

We're told by our sources ar Nissan that this special super-powered Juke will get a stripped-out lightweight interior and a 480 BHP power plant expected to give it a 0-to-60 time of less than four seconds. That likely means they'll be using the same dual-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 found in the Nissan GT-R.

As you can see, the Juke will receive enlarged wheel arches, front splitter and what looks like a double rear wing, split each side of the central rear brake light.

We should expect to officially see the "Super" Juke sometime before the end of the year.



I had no idea the Juke was so despised.. Someone parks one near my house and it looks just fine to me (although I know nothing about what's under the hood/bodywork). Reminds me a bit of those '70s dune-buggies.

Doesn't photograph well though, I'll say that much. Maybe this is Nissan's Panamera — ugly as shit in photographs, but surprisingly OK when you see it in person..