Nissan Develops Cheaper Cat

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Ghosn's minions at Nissan have come up with a catalytic converter that requires half the precious metals as current exhaust scrubbers. Given that platinum, rhodium and palladium aren't exactly the cheapest of substances, the new system which keeps the metals from collecting in the cat under high temps, leading to what the company says is a half-price screamer of a deal on the new components. Carlos, no doubt, is cracking his crème brûlée in delight. [Wired]


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@HoserDave: Sounds like the West Side Highway in Manhattan from a few years back. Guess it ain't quite so bad now, but it used to be that if your car broke down, you either sat in it wildly brandishing your sawed off shotgun to keep it safe, or you just walked to the nearest phone booth to report it stolen.

I remember a very short trip with my grandfather one time - we went northbound & saw a guy pulling off into a pull-off area (I think the called them "Theft Zones"). Less than 30 minutes later, we went by southbound & the car was on blocks with all 4 doors, trunk & hood open. You could see random bits and parts strewn around it, even cruising by on the highway.