Nintendo's LA Auto Show Car is by West Coast Customs

Nintendo's debuting a gamer-themed car at this year's LA Auto Show assembled by the crew at West Coast Customs. There's a 10% chance it'll be awesome and a 90% chance it'll be the typical Pimp-my-Ride nonsense.

Conceptually, a Nintendo-themed car could be great. Yo dawg, imagine playing Mario Kart inside of a huge Mario Kart. Or Donkey Kong inside a Donkey Kong-themed Ford Raptor.


Sadly, West Coast Customs doesn't do awesome. With few exceptions, they do tasteless and over-the-top. When Justin Bieber wants to ruin a car he calls WCC. It's the customizer of choice for people on the Ed Hardy VIP customer mailing list, if such a thing exists.

We don't know what car WCC is using as its platform, but whether it's based on a Ford Fiesta or a Cadillac Escalade we expect screens everywhere, massive speakers, a controller on the steering wheel, and bright garish colors.

Prove us wrong, West Coast Customs. Prove us wrong.

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