A nine year old Swedish boy armed with an Airsoft gun stole an electric car this past week in the Gothenburg suburb of Kortedala. According to witnesses the young boy yelled "It's Loaded" and pointed the gun at nearby adults during the car theft.

Horrified bystanders watched as the nine year old tried and failed to break into one car before successfully getting behind the wheel of an electric car and fleeing the scene. Unfortunately for the young car thief the electric vehicle he chose (not pictured) had a top speed of only 18 miles per hour.

Concerned drivers who witnessed the theft followed the boy at a presumably slow pace for about ten minutes before the inexperienced driver crashed at a rotary. Amazingly after crashing the car the boy tried to flee the scene. He was caught by one of the drivers chasing him and held until police arrived at the scene.

The unidentified nine year old is too young to be officially charged with the various crimes he committed last Tuesday so the matter will be handled by Swedish social services. Call us crazy, but something tells us this might not be the last criminal act this young car thief ever commits.

Photo Credit: frankh