Nine Dead, 16 Injured After Van Strikes Pedestrians On Toronto Sidewalk

From the scene
From the scene
Photo: Cole Burston (Getty)

Nine people are dead and 16 are injured after a white van mounted a curb in Toronto and ran down pedestrians, police said. The driver of the van has been arrested.

The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Monday, according to the Toronto Star. The driver of the van, an unnamed male, has been arrested but police have no motive behind the crash just yet, the Star reports.


Here’s more from the Star:

Reporters and photographers saw multiple tarps covering what appear to be victims’ bodies from the two-kilometre stretch of Yonge.

“I was in my car and I saw a white van going on the sidewalk,” witness Ham Yu-Jin told Metroland’s Andrew Palamarchuk. “I heard a big bang and the van hit a bus shelter and hit people. I turned my car on and chased the van. I’m so lucky, I could have been hit.”

Police said the investigation could last for several days.


Photos from the scene showed police inspecting a white Ryder van with a significantly dented grille. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters: “Our hearts go out to anyone affected,” the Star reported and added, “Obviously we’ll have more to say in the coming hours.”


More as we get it.

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Hagrid's Hairy Hamroll

My hat’s off to the arresting officer. Watch the video of the arrest. The suspect was holding a cell phone like a gun, seeming to be attempting suicide by police, and the officer kept a level head and was able to arrest him without any violence.