​Niki Lauda Thinks Modern F1 Cars Are Bullshit

We want a better Formula 1. Cars at the cutting edge of technology and freakishly skilled drivers to manhandle them. We're not alone. And Niki Lauda has some ideas.


Speaking with the SkySports crew at Suzuka, Lauda envisions an ideal F1, with huge horsepower, massive tires, and drivers fully-puckered while blasting up Eau Rouge.

"We need to change Formula 1," says Lauda. "Aggressive cars, wide, big wheels, huge wings, 1,200 horsepower."


We've got the technology to make it happen, and the advances in safety have eliminated many of the risks that Lauda experienced in his day, let alone the insane turbo era of the 80s.

"Honestly, I'm not joking," says Lauda. "Speak to Bernie about it."

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I'm not convinced the best spokesman for a faster, more dangerous brand of motorsport is a guy who had his face burned off racing a car.