Nike 6.0 SE DeLorean: Dunks To The Future

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Stainless steel meets painless style with the impending release of the Nike 6.0 Dunk SE "DeLorean" Sneakers, inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12. Just 1,000 will be sold worldwide, but they're worth fighting for when you see the outer sole.

Mimicking the taillights of a classic DMC-12, the bottom of the shoe's got the same gridded-off red-yellow-white pattern. The grained matte silver, no-sew exterior's designed to give off the stainless-steel look. The nicest touch might be the Belfast stamp on the tongue. Or maybe it's the DMC stamp? All it's missing is self-lacing.

The shoes go on sale Black Friday at select outlets.

[DeLorean Motor Company Facebook]

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I categorically do not give a shit about shoes. There is nothing in my genetic makeup that can identify with those kids who own every version of Jordans ever produced, or have special edition ultra-rare whatevers that have never been out of the box. My dailies are gray Pumas that are four years old and are probably begging for sweet merciful death to take them.

However, there is a weird little corner of my psyche, probably the same corner that wants a twin-turbo-SVX-powered DMC-12, which suddenly aches with longing for these things.