Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

We now know that 77% of you don't like that $24,900 Aztek's price tag, but how about a genuine, no-doubt-about-it GM classic truck… at nearly twice the price?


Back in '72, the Cheyenne option package on Chevy's half-ton pickups got you a nice plush bench seat in La-Z-Boy-grade vinyl, extra trim, sound insulation, gleaming chrome exterior trim, and all manner of snazzy comfort and styling upgrades… which, of course, still resulted in a fairly spartan truck by today's luxo-truck standards. A frame-off-restored short-box Cheyenne with four-wheel-drive, four-on-the-floor manual transmission, and hounds-tooth upholstery? We'll take it! Oh, wait- is the seller really asking $48,500 for this truck? What the heck, maybe it really is that rare and valuable… or maybe we need to visit Booth Number Two for some reality-enhancement assistance here. What do you say?
[Craigslist Kansas City, go here if the ad disappears. Thanks to Tanshanomi for the tip!]


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