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"One day, mom, I'm gonna get you that car you've always dreamed about." Plenty of us have said something like that, but top NFL draft prospect Teddy Bridgewater just made good on a promise he made when he was 9 years old.


Bridgewater, a former ace University of Louisville quarterback, could be the number one pick in Thursday's NFL draft.


But as the Washington Post reports, the story of how he played while caring for his mom Rose Murphy — who was fighting breast cancer — is what caught the eye of filmmaker Spike Lee. Lee made a seven-minute documentary on the family called "A Promise to Rose" with the help of Cadillac.

In it, Bridgewater recounts his journey in football and how, when he was 9 years old, he was riding home from practice with his mom and saw an Escalade driving by. He promised to buy her a pink one when he made it to the NFL.

On Monday, which happened to be his mom's birthday, he finally got to deliver on that. Bridgewater and his mom attended a luncheon with ABC's Robin Roberts in Manhattan, and at the end of it, he presented her with her dream car. (Update: The car was provided by Cadillac.

Bridgewater said the Escalade is pink for his mom's name, and also to honor her fight against cancer. Murphy is currently in remission, and here's what he said to her in the video:

"Your fight, your courage, it all stands out to me. And I just thank you for that. Thank you for the many sacrifices that you've made for not only me, but for this entire family. I just thank you for being the strong woman that you are, and I love you."


Nice job, Teddy. It's not a restored 1991 Mazda, but your mom will probably like this better anyway.

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