Next-Gen Kia Stinger May Be One Of 11 New Electric Kias

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The Kia Stinger is, without a doubt, the most exciting car in Kia’s lineup. It feels like a sports car, looks like a sports car, and importantly has the name of a sports car. And that may be enough to force it to evolve into a fully electric car, according to the company’s head designer.


Karim Habib, Kia’s head of design, told Top Gear that a refreshed design of the current Kia Stinger is coming “very soon,” with clues hinting at an upgraded lighting setup and sportier styling. But that’s not all—the next-generation of the car could be fully electric if it wants to stick around.

We know Kia has 11 new EVs coming by 2025, so maybe this could be one of them. Here’s more from Top Gear’s interview, where the asked Habib what’s next for the Stinger:

“I definitely hope that the spirit of the Stinger stays at the core of what Kia is as we change as a brand,” said Habib – previously Head of Design at both BMW and Infiniti.

“As the technology goes towards EVs and as the world and its appetite for these types of cars changes, the concept probably has to evolve as well.” Hmmm – that’s not so promising.

“But the sporty, affordable, beautiful sculpture – I really believe that’s something which needs to live on in the brand.” 

I really hope the Stinger vision remains the focus of the Kia brand, too, but signs already aren’t promising. The company already looks like it’s removing the “Optima” name from its mid-size sedan offering in the U.S., replacing it with the “K5” call sign the model has in South Korea and China.

If Kia is willing to throw away 20 years of Optima heritage, do we think a model like the Stinger can swing enough weight to stick around? I think Habib is right—the only way the Stinger lives is by becoming an EV.

But the Stinger was its own beginning already. It was the beginning of the new, sportier, more aggressive Kia. When they start introducing their upcoming EVs, they’re likely going to want a new beginning, a new flagship to rally around. And I think any development on that would already have to be well underway if it was a reality.


But hey. The company man spoke it, so maybe it could actually happen.

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Kid, if you think a Stinger feels and looks (?!) like a sports car, you need to get out of NYC and drive a few more *actual* sports cars. It’s a porky, slightly floppy middling hatchback sports sedan with a decent amount of power - it’s no sports car. Other than having a bunch of power on the cheap it’s not even that wonderful of a sports sedan. 

Making it electric will just make it even less interesting. Weeee another extra fast golf cart with an exciting high-pitched whine.