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Once again proving that Florida is a terrible place to own a car, a local news crew busted a local parking lot owner who took a customer's Corvette and treated it like his own plaything for a couple of days. They even used a helicopter to track the guy because no real news happens in Orlando, apparently.


Credit to Orlando's WFTV for going all-in on this oh-so-important investigation. Having heard that Premier Parking Spot in Cocoa, Florida was taking cruise passengers' cars and hooning them, WFTV's Jeff Deal rented a Corvette convertible, outfitted it with GPS, had a fake couple drop off the car, and waited.

Just a few hours after dropping the 'Vette off there was a text message (as dramatized in the video report) showing the car was on the move. Over the next two days WFTV captured lot owner Jay Nieves and an employee parking the car at his house, trying to fishtail it on a backroad, and generally treating it like a rental Corvette. They even followed the car with a chopper!

Nieves was confronted with the video and denied he did anything with the car. An obvious lie, but I think Nieves is smarter than he seems. This isn't just evidence of Nieves being a terrible, terrible business owner. It's clear evidence that Jeff Deal broke his rental agreement.


(Hat tip to Franklin!)

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