News Crew Films A Pothole Blow Out The Tires Of 19 Cars

Image: Local 4 WDIV/YouTube

Along Mound Road in Warren, Michigan, a very large pothole has been been claiming tire after tire. NBC Affiliate Local 4 was filming the particularly large hole and car after car blew out their tires.

People generally aren’t happy about it and locals have even started setting out road flares to try and direct people away from the hole. One concerned citizen says to Local 4 that they’ve called Warren police a few times and they haven’t done much to repair the hole.


One resident somehow procured a construction road cone and set it up in a way to move traffic away from the tire-killing pothole. Aside from resurfacing the entire stretch of Mound Road, I doubt there is much anyone can do about a pothole that’s as big enough to swallow a Camry and has a taste for tires.

In the meantime, I guess tire shops in Warren are having a good day.

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