Parts of Texas are enduring a bit of a cold spell, with flights canceled and roads freezing. But despite all that, Fox 4 – Dallas-Fort Worth's news leader – took the time to film a guy sliding around a mall parking lot before getting busted by the rent-a-fuzz. But here's the best part: he's a Russian native looking for a taste of home.

We're assuming the chopper was out shooting B-roll of wrecked cars and stranded drivers for the afternoon broadcast when they caught our hoon-opportunist enjoying the frozen lot at the Collin Creek Mall before enduring his part-time gig at Zumiez (or whatever).

The video got enough play that the local CBS affiliate – apparently with nothing better to do – tracked down the driver, who turned out to be a Russian native that just moved from Vermont.

His was a crime of opportunity, followed by a stern talking to by a mall cop. Fox's crime? Spending nearly five damn minutes recording the guy for a 20-second spot on the noon news:


CBS' crime? Sending a reporter out to follow up:

Thanks Killer_Walrus!