New York's Worst Neighborhood Is Built Around The Car

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Tonight on Car vs. America, we’re talking about cars in New York City. There’s the good, like our friend Phil who says if you’re gonna own a car in the Big Apple you may as well own something cool—which is why he has two classic Lancias and a BMW M1. Then there’s the bad, which is everything else.


In Queens you’ll find a place called Willets Point, and it may just be New York’s worst neighborhood. It wouldn’t exist if not for cars. Existing in the shadow of Citi Field where the Mets play, it’s a dense maze of auto repair shops, body shops, metal recyclers, junkyards and chop shops.


Willets Point was the subject of a Jalopnik investigation in 2015 where we looked at the battle to evict the mechanics and their generational fight to stay there. Tonight we’re checking in to see the latest, and to expose the hidden economy that it takes to keep NYC’s cars running.

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I used to own a Jetstar1

Why do you call it the “worst neighborhood?” Seriously, does everything in NYC have to be a millennial paradise of expensive coffee, neo-ironic gluten free diners and WeWork offices?