While New Yorkers enjoy the last few rides in the city's fleet of trusty Ford Crown Victoria taxis, the production lines are running for 23 hours six days a week in Mexico making "the Taxi of Tomorrow." Don't worry, it comes with USB chargers for your phones and other devices.

We already knew that the Nissan NV200 has a glass roof, turns lovely French girls into Brooklyn hipsters and can do miracles just like a saint, but as Indian Autos Blog reports, they are also getting closer to becoming permanent residents of New York City.

The NV200 packs all sorts of clever solutions to make your life easier. There are separate controls for the A/C, a 12-volt connection, two USB ports, reading lights and floor lights, while the seats are covered with an anti bacterial fabric. Sliding doors, handrails and an entry step make for easy access. Nissan hopes drivers will have to use the (low frequency) horn less often thanks to various exterior lights.


There are airbags all around inside, and traction control helps the drivers deal with all the power the 2.0-litre four banger has to offer. That will give the NV200 much better fuel economy than the old Ford, while Nissan offers a 150,000 mile warranty to keep the owners happy.

Are you ready for the change this fall, NYC?

Hat tip to Shrawan!