New York MTA Manager Caught Using A Bizarre Blowup Doll To Cheat His Way Into Carpool Lanes

The manager claims the doll is there for "the company".

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Image: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

One New York MTA manager, a person who should absolutely know better, has been caught cheating in HOV lanes. And as the New York Post reports that he did it in the most obvious way possible, with this Carpool Kenny Blowup Doll.

The Post confronted Giulio Di Virgilio outside of his office building as he pulled in to park. They also pointed out he makes $122,000 per year which…I don’t know what that has to do with anything. People making six figures shouldn’t try and get around HOV laws? I don’t know. Anyway, he claims he’s not trying to skirt the laws, and his excuse is hilarious.

Confronted by The Post outside the East New York building, Di Virgilio denied he had the inflatable suit-sporting businessman in tow to illegally cruise in lanes reserved for high-occupancy vehicles.

“I don’t use it for the HOV,” the $122,000-per-year government official insisted. “I use it for the company.”


Yeah ok. Company. You live in New York City. If you want company you could take the subway and be around plenty of people. Di Virgilio’s coworkers were the first to notice him using the dummy, which sorta looks like the dad from Netflix’s F is for Family.

“It was weird when we saw that thing [in his car] in the morning. Why would anyone have that there except to do HOV stuff?” said one Buses employee who requested anonymity.

One union official said, “It’s unbecoming of a manager. We laugh, but what else is he doing in secret that we don’t know about?”


Di Virgilio is a former NYPD officer so he probably knows what he’s doing in regards to getting around laws. And while carpool dummies are too easy to get, don’t do it. A bizarre inflatable doll in the passenger seat of a car without tinted windows isn’t slick.