The war between horse and automobile has waged for decades, but it's all but settled at this point. The final battleground may be Central Park, where vintage electric cars could soon take the place of the famed horse-drawn carriages.

The NY Daily News reports tourists are swarming to Central Park to ride on the horses in light of news that Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio plans on phasing horses out when he takes office. De Blasio and animal rights activists claim that making the horses walk around city streets is both dangerous and inhumane.


In their place, the newspaper reports, could come vintage electric cars. It doesn't say what kind, but I'd love to see some carriage-esque Detroit or Baker electrics running around the park instead. It's gonna be 1900 all over again!

The bad news — and this is a serious bummer for sure — is that experts claimed during the election that the decision could lead to the horses' slaughter instead of their rescue. Others have expressed confidence that someone will step up and adopt the horses without any problems.

So that's how it works, New York? Letting the horses walk the streets is inhumane but killing them is fine? This is why I'm glad I live in Washington D.C., where nothing bad ever happens and the government's decisions always make total sense.


Oh wait, never mind.

Photo credit Jurvetson

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