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New shots of Mission Impossible: 4's new car star

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This weekend, a reader of the Team-BHP forum caught more shots of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept car being used in filming for the new Mission Impossible 4 movie. Here's the full report:

Last night a scene from Mission Impossible 4 was shot at Prabhadevi. It included the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car, a BMW 650ci (2nd Gen) and a BMW 5 series whose front and rear bumpers were removed to mount cameras. I was present at the shoot with fellow T-BHPian dhrishikesh. A traffic jam was simulated on Appasaheb Marathe Marg using second-hand cars from Mahindra First Choice Wheels. There were approximately 50-60 bouncers all over the venue to ensure that photographs weren't taken with nearly 10 of them guarding the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. I tried to take a close up shot of the 5 series camera car, but a bouncer snatched my camera away with a stern warning that next time, my camera will be impounded. After the shoot started, we positioned ourselves on the foot-over bridge from where we could get clear shots and avoid the bouncers as well. I have pics of both the cars, except the 5 series camera car.

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The Efficient Dynamics Concept is BMW's "Vision" of a tree-hugging supercar. Designed to be a 2+2-seater with plug-in hybrid technology, the uniquely-designed car is supposed to combine the performance of a BMW M vehicle with a level of fuel efficiency and emission management better than modern-day hatchbacks. In theory.


In reality, it's just a really cool-looking supercar concept.

Check out the rest of the shots over at Team-BHP.

Hat tip to IndianAutosBlog and Shrawan!

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Does anyone else think the lit up kidney grilles look both freaky and pointless? Almost seems like something a ricer would try to do to their car.