New Porsche 911 Targa Has A Super Trick Automatic Roof

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The Porsche Targas of old had a lift out center section to let that sweet, sweet summer air and flat six wail surround you. The last two Targas had a sliding glass roof, which just didn't do it. The new Targa brings back the romance of the past.


In a leaked dealer presentation, a slide seems to feature the new 911 Targa showing off its fully open central panel, which looks like something you'd lift out and place in the trunk. But then one line sticks out:

Fully automatic roof system to satisfy customer demands for comfort.

So, it sounds like the Targa's roof automatically folds out of the way and gives you a wide open motoring experience. I imagine it's like a curtain pulling back and stowing in the rear somewhere. We'll see exactly how it works at the Detroit show in January.

Other than that roof, the Targa and Targa S are based on the Carrera 4 and C4S, so expect 350 and 400 horsepower versions and a price of somewhere between $100,000 and $120,000. Let the 911 model onslaught continue.

Hat Tip to Christian!


J. Walter Weatherman

I don't like it at all. I thought that the more recent targas were fantastic. At a time when most other manufacturers are reducing windows and visibility to an absurd level, I thought that the open greenhouses on the targas were gorgeous and unique.

...also, it doesn't help that I think that convertibles are usually ugly, particularly 911 convertibles.