State troopers in New Jersey over the weekend found themselves outwitted and out-wheeled by the driver of a Mini Cooper, who zipped and zagged the little car through the streets of Paterson—much to the consternation of the confounded constabulary!

NJ.com reports that a trooper stopped the super Cooper on I-80 for a traffic violation, after which the little car raced away through city streets with the fuzz in hot pursuit.


Then the cops crashed into each other.

The car exited the highway at Market Street on Paterson and drove through city streets, ignoring stop signs, Peele said. The second trooper gave up the chase for safety reasons.

The first trooper crashed into the rear of the second trooper’s car on the way to assist, Peele said. One of the officers was treated for a minor back injury.


We certainly wish for that officer’s speedy recovery, but we can only assume the chase was a most delightful, even whimsical scene.

Hat tip to Amy!