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New Jersey motorist awarded an astonishing $2.7 million in police brutality case

Illustration for article titled New Jersey motorist awarded an astonishing $2.7 million in police brutality case

A woman beaten by a Newark, New Jersey police officer during a routine traffic stop in October of 2004 has just been awarded $2.7 million by a jury, a monstrously high sum for an incident where no one was killed. But it is a reflection of just how awful the encounter was. So what happened?


Sara Lesende was attempting to find a parking spot for her car when the 90-lb mother of two was approached by Newark police officer Arnold Borrero. After an argument over the ticket Borrero allegedly pulled his gun out, pointed it at various bystanders, and eventually beat Lesende about the face, according to court documents from a recent case.

When a 70-year-old man tried to intervene, Borrero threatened to shoot the man. Eventually, Borerro was fired and the city settled with the 70-year-old man.


Two sources have confirmed the amount and the verdict, which was just handed down.

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Brian, The Life of

Tort reform. We need it bad.

I'm not saying this lady was not severely wronged by this asshat of a cop but we need to start being a bit more reasonable with damage awards. Also, how does such a punitive settlement, that the city pays out, stop the next cop from being an asshat? Beyond ensuring that the city's PD has adequate "contain your roid rage" training, I'd submit these awards do not deter anything. Being assured that such a move by a cop will absolutely earn them a one-way ticket to their local federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison without any special protections once you're inside would be a much stronger asshat cop deterrent.