New Jersey Motorcyclist Killed In Crash With Two Rental Ferraris

"Prepare to be at the center of attention when you rent this car" reads the description on exotic car rental company Gotham Dream Cars' page for the Ferrari F430 that killed a motorcyclist when the two collided head-on yesterday morning in New Jersey.

The incident occurred outside New Jersey's MetLife stadium, where the luxury car rental company was preparing for its "Dream Car Sprint" event which sees members of the public rent short periods of time in exotics, driving them on an autocross course in the stadium's parking lot. Two F430s were involved in the incident, one silver and one red. Images from the scene paint a gruesome picture.


According to, the two Ferraris were being operated by Gotham Dream Car employees, 19-year old Joseph Meyer and 28-year old Joseph Ferretti. It's unclear if Ferretti is related to Gotham's COO, Rob Ferretti.

A NJ State Police Spokesperson stated that the two cars were believed to be "traveling at a high rate of speed" when the silver car lost control, initiating the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


The motorcyclist, 56-year old Stephen Lenge, was riding to work nearby, where he was helping construct the set for the Electric Daisy Carnival. It appears he was riding a Triumph Speed Triple.

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