Yup, it turns out, from this first shot from the official press conference that's about to start, that we were absolutely correct about the layout of the New Jersey F1 race course. And here it is.


The 2013 Grand Prix of America is a road course between Weehawken and West New York, New Jersey, and it'll be 3.1 miles (approximately). Heck, we were even pretty damn close in our prediction of where the pits would be.

More to come shortly from the press conference.

Heck, we even hear New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is even there. And when Chris Christie's around, then you just know it's gonna be a party, right?


UPDATE: Here's the first official concept sketch of what it'll look like. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. What do you think? Amazing looking or what?


UPDATE 2: We're told that the race will not use any public funds or incentives to make it happen.

UPDATE 3: I didn't know Ellis Island was part of New Jersey β€” did you?

UPDATE 4: Humpy Wheeler, the man in racing with the weirdest name ever, has just hit the stage to buy time for Gov. Christie. That name's like porn star mixed with Saturday morning cartoon, isn't it? Hell, even his voice sounds like he voices the talkin' comics, don't it?


UPDATE 5: Yeah, someone just called this the "Second miracle on the Hudson." The hyperbole is STRONG with this one...

Photo Credit: to J.F. Musial!