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New Japanese Terminator: Salvation Trailer Shows All Sorts Of Mechanized Action

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thanks to an early release of this Japanese version of the Terminator Salvation trailer, everything we saw at the beginning of November now gets tied together for us.

We had already seen all the elements of this new trailer at the beginning of November, but in the latest trailer which has made its way onto the web early thanks to some enterprising young Japanese fan-boys, we're able to see it all nicely tied together. This new trailer shows the motorcycle terminators out doing their thing, the monstrous harvesters, and what we assume is a heated face-to-face exchange between John Connor and a restrained Terminator. We rolled our eyes when we first heard there was to be another Terminator movie, but this is actually looking like it's going to be pretty awesome. [TrailerAddict]