New High-Res Gran Turismo 5 Shots Reveal Ferrari 458, Crash Damage

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The latest deluge of images from perennially forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 show off the Ferrari 458 Italia and LP 560-4 going through the digital paces. We also get a first look at some realistically-rendered rally car crash damage. Ooh!


Once we get past the eye-candy in these images, we're immediately struck by a burning sense of annoyance. It was only last Friday when game creator Kazunori Yamauchi announced GT5 would be yet again delayed, this time all the way until March of 2010, now it would seem they're dropping images to distract from that fact. The whole thing is starting to feel more like a protracted PR hustle than an actual lead up to the release of a flagship game for the PS3. Here's a recommendation for Polyphony: instead of endlessly hyping glossy rendered photos and news of game content, just get down to the business of finishing the damn game. It's getting tiresome. OK, /rant. [GTPlanet]



Allow me to re-state my point, as I was a little late to the last GT bash fest :


Why isn't it out as soon as Forza? BECAUSE IT WILL BE THAT MUCH BETTER!

Also, just long enough for the 'I just bought Forza' to no longer be a viable excuse not to buy GT5.

Allow me to apologize to all those I told it was coming in december.

They did confirm 950 cars and rollovers.

I'm a huge MOTORSPORTS fan! I made a consumer choice to buy a PS3, because it is the superior machine. Gran Turismo is the best racing sim for my chosen console, so its my game. It's like your local sports team... they might suck right now, but hey.... they're your team. *Cough*Canucks*Cough*

For the 360 having a 1 year headstart, GT has caught up to within 6 months, and will have more content. Context bitches, context!

If you own either console, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you ignore either title. With most of the consoles already in people's hands, are these games really in competition?

One more thing... I've been playing GT 5 for over a year. It's called Prologue, and it's awesome! The graphics and physics are top notch, and its online. The sim racers at the official playstaion forums, with my brilliant guidance (HA!) have developed healthy league racing 3 nights a week, with some of theee fastest guys in the US, period. There have been 4 official Time Trial contests, and racing friends of mine have podiummed in and won all of them. We qualify, so everyone finds equal talent on the track. We're fair, but tough, and our racing is of a high caliber.

We're not so different than you LeMons nuts (ok, we're not that crazy) We know you don't need a million cars and tracks (or dollars) to have a good time racing! We've made the best of Prologue, and I myself have organized our monthly endurance racing series. We've done 8hrs of Fuji, 12 Hours of High Speed Ring and The Daytona Road 500, just last week. A true 24 hr event was being planned for late November, as a welcome to what we thought would be a December release for the full game, but now we're focusing on mid length events to keep us occupied... you know, since we have some extra time to kill :(



Just ask for Forgetful ;)

(forza looks like a high res cartoon)