New High-Res Gran Turismo 5 Shots Reveal Ferrari 458, Crash Damage

The latest deluge of images from perennially forthcoming Gran Turismo 5 show off the Ferrari 458 Italia and LP 560-4 going through the digital paces. We also get a first look at some realistically-rendered rally car crash damage. Ooh!


Once we get past the eye-candy in these images, we're immediately struck by a burning sense of annoyance. It was only last Friday when game creator Kazunori Yamauchi announced GT5 would be yet again delayed, this time all the way until March of 2010, now it would seem they're dropping images to distract from that fact. The whole thing is starting to feel more like a protracted PR hustle than an actual lead up to the release of a flagship game for the PS3. Here's a recommendation for Polyphony: instead of endlessly hyping glossy rendered photos and news of game content, just get down to the business of finishing the damn game. It's getting tiresome. OK, /rant. [GTPlanet]

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