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The Uber For Helicopters Promises 6 Minute Flights Around New York

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The next time you need a guaranteed 6-minute trip across New York city, just fire up the Gotham Air app and a beautiful new Bell 407 helicopter will be spooling up ready to take you on a personal flight from Manhattan to JFK, or Newark.

Despite it's name, the company – Gotham Airlines – isn't really an airline at all. It's simply an app that enables customers to book charter services from FAA-certified carriers. Think Uber for helicopters, but instead of some shmoe picking you up in his hoopty, you get connected with a certified, professional helicopter charter service.


But there's a catch.

After you request a flight, four other people have to book the same time, otherwise, no soaring over the city for you. If you've reserved a time 48 hours in advance and the weather precludes the chances of a flight, Gotham claims that it will still get you to your destination, but in a Tesla instead.


Gotham is also opening up other destinations, so if you're headed to the beach instead of the airport, you can request to be delivered in style to Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, or the Hamptons.

While the technology is still in the testing phase, the introductory rate of $99 might be worth giving it a shot if only to impress your friends and take in an aerial view of the New York skyline.