Illustration for article titled New Hampshire Highway Blocked By At Least 35 Cars In Nightmare Pileup (UPDATED)

Wherever you are now, be glad you aren't on Interstate 93 near the town of Ashland in New Hampshire. The northbound side of the snow-ridden highway is now the site of a massive, fiery pileup crash involving as many as 100 cars.


CNBC reports the crash began around 10:30 a.m. this morning and quickly involved dozens of other cars. Multiple injuries have been reported but there are no deaths at present, authorities have said.

More on this as we get it. Looks truly nasty up there.

Update: According to NECN, authorities have revised the number of cars involved in the pileup to 35; initial estimates put them at between 50 and 100. The highway has since been reopened, and no deaths have been reported.


Top photo credit Ben via NeEmergencyNewsWX

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