Considering the tremendous capabilities and competency displayed by the 2009 Ford F-150, it's anything but a surprise the truck has been awarded the Truck of Texas title by the Texas Auto Writers Association, making it the sixth year in a row Ford has owned those bragging rights. It was a good year for Ford and no doubt, cost-responsible champagne will be flowing. However, we're definitely confused by this next part. Apparently TAWA also awarded the 2009 Dodge Ram "Full-size Truck of Texas," something which seems to directly contradict the idea of awarding the F-150 the "Truck of Texas."
The "Truck of Texas" award is given at the end of a juried voting process following an event lovingly referred to as the the Texas Truck Rodeo. Ford also took home awards for "Truck-Line of Texas," "Best SUV of Texas" with the Expedition King Ranch (which we didn't even know existed), and "CUV of Texas," (apparently a fairly new category) with the Ford Flex. But that's where things stop making sense. Considering the F-150 is, you know, full-size and all, we're still confused with how Dodge towed away the full-size award. Then, just to pour gas on the conflagration of bragging rights confusion, the Dodge RamBox was awarded "Outstanding Truck Feature." So, we have a the F-150 as the "Truck of Texas" but apparently its not full-sized enough to be awarded the "Full-size Truck of Texas," nor does it have the best feature, both awards going to the Ram. Right. They sure do things strange down there in Texas, don't they? [Detroit Free Press]


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