And we mean “insanity” in a good way. How can you not, with looks like that and your choice of a big naturally aspirated V8 or Mopar’s first-ever supercharged V8? Too bad there’s only going to be 60 of them.

The Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak gives you a supercharged 354-cubic-inch Hemi race car with a cast-iron block, forged steel crankshaft, Mopar camshaft and a custom engine management system for an eye-watering $109,354. Or, for almost $10,000 less, the naturally aspirated 426-cubic-inch featuring an aluminum block with pressed-in steel liners and aluminum cylinder heads can be yours at $99,426.


Like I mentioned, they’re building 60 total. Thirty five of those will come with the supercharged engine, with the remaining 25 packing the naturally aspirated 426 Hemi engine, because freedom.

Both engines come with an automatic gearbox, a different K-Member and suspension geometry with double adjustable compression and rebound struts up front. At the rear, it’s a four-link suspension with Panhard bar, Strange Engineering housing and 40-spline gun drilled axles with a 9-inch aluminum third member, a 4-inch diameter driveshaft, shocks with adjustable compression and rebound and an anti-roll bar. The rear axle mounting has been beefed up as well for those ultimate launches.

The tires are 15-inch Hoosier drag radials, there’s a full NHRA rollcage of course, plus a Mopar gauge pack, racing seats with a safety net and five-point harnesses.


Mopar claims they also have “more user-friendly hoods.” All the better to see those delicious engines with.


Photo credit: Dodge


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