New Test Shows You Can Still Crash Despite Collision Prevention

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class scored the maximum five stars on the Euro NCAP crash test not only because of its occupant or pedestrian protection qualities, but also thanks to its crash prevention systems. Which almost works perfectly. Almost.


Euro NCAP has been testing Autonomous Emergency Braking systems for years now mostly because cars with such equipment get extra points on their tests now. The new C-Class has 'Collision Prevention Assist Plus,' they took it out for a spin as well before crashing it for science in the usual fashion.

What's interesting to see is that although the system stops the car in time at up to 31 mph when it comes to a stationery object, but it can only reduce the speed on impact if the car in front is moving above 31 mph.

Don't get too hard on Mercedes, though, as it's us humans who make it so damn complicated.

I mean, you're cruising on the highway looking at cute kittens on your phone while somebody suddenly brakes in front of you because a cute kitten is actually on the road.

Your Mercedes knows what's going on and would love to brake as well, but it has to let you know first. And so it does. Beeps, flashing images, epilepsy and boom, your car starts slowing down without you touching anything, resulting in the second boom being much smaller.

And now, more booms:

For Euro NCAP's detailed report on the 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, click here.



Clearly it only happened in this video because its only HALF a car you are about to run into. Im sure it works 100% against 100% of a car.