New Bugatti Teased In Anniversary Party Invite

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As expected, Bugatti plans to reveal its new car at the Frankfurt Motor Show, coincidentally coinciding with the company's centennial celebration. Here's the first teaser of the new exclusive super car from an invitation to the super-party.


As we mentioned back in March, details are slim if not downright non-existent, but the rumors have been flying recklessly regarding what niche market the next Bugatti model will fall under. Having already accomplished their goal of creating the world's fastest, highest powered super car, it would only make sense for the VW-owned company to venture out into the ultra luxury market. The competition is becoming fierce, with an ever growing range of Rolls Royce Phantom models and with Bentley dropping their new 'Grand Bentley' upon the world in August at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance, it seems like a likely guess that this is the route Bugatti will follow. Will Bugatti lean on Bentley, borrowing resources from the new 'Grand Bentley' or will they produce their own bespoke chassis?

Turning our attention to the dark, scanned teaser above, we see what appears to be the rear view of the new Bugatti showing off high-tech LED tail lamps and a vertically mounted LED CHMSL. The height of the CHMSL makes us believe our initial thoughts are correct; that this is indeed a sedan and we wonder whether it will be an evolution of the 1999 EB218 concept in design.

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As September draws closer, so will the teasers and details and we'll be following along closely. Stay tuned. (Hat Tip To Wanda!)



"Yes, Mr. Piech, what can I do for you?"

"The Veyron isn't that amazing anymore. I want you to build a new one. With 2000 horsepower."

"Um, sir, we will do our best..."

"No, you f**king do it or you are fired."

"But, sir, the engineers, when they were made to build the 1000 hp Veyron, they..."

"Shut up. No 'but's. They said it couldn't be done, but they did it anyways. Tell them I said so."

"Uh, ok, certainly, sir."

"Oh, and it must do 350mph, be able to lap the 'Ring faster than anything else, I'm so sick of the stupid arguments on VWVortex, so pointless."

"AAANNND, four seats, four doors, 2 million Pounds Sterling, all wheel drive, quiet at speed, and have that trademark horseshoe grille."

"Oh. Ok. I understand. Good bye Mr Piech, I will pass your word onto the engineers."