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New Bronco Orders Will Be Paused In March Because Ford Can't Keep Up With Demand

If you want to buy your Bronco this year, you'd better hurry up

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Photo: David Tracy

If you were looking to order a new Ford Bronco anytime soon, you better get to it. According to a memo obtained by the Bronco6G forum, the Blue Oval is pausing all new retail Bronco orders come March 8th.

It’s all due a lack of supply to meet the high demand the Bronco has brought with it since its introduction. It also doesn’t help that Bronco production has been fraught with a number of production issues stemming from the hardtop roof and a lack of semiconductor microchips.


“Due to continued strong retail demand for Bronco and the desire to prioritize current order holders, we are making the decision to pause new retail orders of the 2022 model year Bronco — excluding Bronco Raptor — after 3PM (EST) on Tuesday, March 8th,” the memo reads.

It goes on to say that dealers have until March 15th at 10 p.m. to complete the order verification process for the new 2022 model year truck orders.


This all means a couple things. First, if you have a Bronco reservation but haven’t converted it to an order yet, you’d better get on that unless you want to wait for a 2023 model. And two, there are some changes coming for 2023, so you’ll want to look out for those.

If you are one of those reservation holders, you can expect a letter from Ford telling you to hurry it up or you’ll miss out.

There are indeed some changes coming for the Bronco. You can check them all out in the memo we linked above, but there are a few highlights worth noting. Broncos have the option of a new trim package, called the Wiltrack HOSS 3.0 Package, that includes upgraded suspension bits for desert running. You will also be able to order a 2023 Bronco with a painted roof, rather than the exposed black plastic that is currently available.

It all gets a bit messy, because Ford is also referring to some trucks as a 2022.5 model year. The Everglades, HOSS 3.0 package and Raptor technically fall under that umbrella. However, none of the other trucks seem to.


You’re probably wondering when 2023 model year trucks will be available to order. Well, so are we. Unfortunately, the only information Ford gives is that 2023 model year orders will be available “later this year.”

Ford has recently put a number of other fast-selling vehicles — like the Maverick, F-150 Lightening and Mach-E — on pause due to production having trouble keeping up with demand.