New Body Kit Makes Your New Prius Look Nothing Like A Prius

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Did you buy a 2010 Toyota Prius and instantly realized it didn't look as much like a HSV GTS as you hoped? Japanese car tuner Tommy Kaira has the solution for you.


These are proposed tuning packages, though the quad exhaust is already available in Japan. The new trim will also include your choice of 18-inch wheels and, of course, a lowering kit. While being closer to the ground might actually reduce drag, we're not sure if the "aero" kits will actually be more aerodynamic than the stock setup.


[Tommy Kaira via Carscoop]

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The prius may be the bane of jalopness, but it's meant to be a sensible car. (though I think diesels are far more sensible) It is not meant to be a gaudy flashy rice burner by no stretch of the imagination. But that's what this kit does for it. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate the car, I just don't think the people driving really did their research, or they just got caught up in the hype.

Also, I guess I can understand the desire to want to make your car look better, (you know I'm tryin') but there are far better ways to go about it, like anything but adding quad exhaust pipes or extra intakes for a hybrid. It's funny when I drive on the highway I'll always see prii in the left lane, most of the time they are far too slow with normal traffic, but once in a while when the planets align, I get a crazy one who drives at 90+, as if their smug chip has overloaded. Perhaps they had forgotten they bought a prius, or are simply trying to deny the fact that they have bought one, so if they drive fast they can't possibly be in one. I think this kit is for them.